Woodbrooke workshop booklist

Here are a few of the books that were selected by the Woodbrooke library team for our book trolley during the weekend. Warm thanks to Bettina Gray for her very thoughtful selection.

The Paganism Reader Chas Clifton and Graham Harvey 0415303532

‘The Pagan revival of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries endeavoured to revitalise ancient Pagan symbols and traditions into a meaningful spirituality for the contemporary West. The Pagan Reader is the first to bring together some of the formative writings that have given birth to the Pagan revival and gives readers a fascinating insight into influences on contemporary Pagan thought.’ – Vivien Crowley

‘If you’re wondering why people want to be pagans today – or want to be one yourself – this book provides you with a rich variety of pagan voices: guiding, feeling, thinking, arguing. Clifton and Harvey have given pagans a voice and an understanding of themselves – with enviable sympathy and authority.’ – Ken Dowden, Professor of Classics, University of Birmingham and author of European Paganism

Buy at Woodbrooke

Pagan Theology Michael York 0814797024

Michael York provides an introduction to, and expansion of, the concept of Paganism and provides an overview of Paganism’s theological perspective and practice. He demonstrates it to be a viable and distinguishable spiritual perspective found around the world today in such forms as Chinese folk religion, Shinto, tribal religions, and neo-Paganism in the West.

While adherents to many of these traditions do not use the word “pagan” to describe their beliefs or practices, York contends that there is an identifiable position possessing characteristics and understandings in common for which the label “pagan” is appropriate. After outlining these characteristics, he examines many of the world’s major religions to explore religious behaviours in other religions which are not themselves pagan, but which have pagan elements. In the course of examining such behaviour, York provides rich and lively descriptions of religions in action, including Buddhism and Hinduism (Description from Amazon.com) Buy at Woodbrooke

A faith to call our own Alex Wildwood 0852453124

The book forms the basis of Alex’s Swarthmore Lecture, given at Friends House in London in 1999. He provides fresh insights on early Friends and meeting for worship today, through a striking personal journey from institutional Christianity into feminism, therapy and ‘green’ spirituality, arriving at a re-visioning of our Quaker faith. Buy at Woodbrooke

The Celtic Year Shirley ToulsonThe Celtic Year Shirley Toulson 1852303611

Celebrate a full year’s worth of everything Celtic, from the lives of the Celtic saints to annual festivals and traditional tales handed down through generations uncounted. The rich essence of Celtic spirituality is revealed through an illustrated treasury of traditional prayers, accompanied by suggested pilgrimages to Celtic shrines and historic sites throughout the British isles, one for each month of the year. The pilgrimages are described in vivid detail, with maps, walking directions and colorful descriptions of what you’ll see along the route. And because not everyone can visit these sites in person, the journeys need not be undertaken in the physical sense, but rather they may be used as launching pads for your own spiritual journeys of discovery (from Amazon.com) Buy at Woodbrooke

Creation was Open to Me  An anthology of Friends’ writings on that of God in all Creation.  Compiled by Anne Adams.  0951876627 Published by Quaker Green Concern (now QGA).  Limited remaining stocks. Contact Friends House Bookshop, London

Rekindling community - Alastair McIntoshRekindling Community: Connecting people, environment and spirituality Alastair McIntosh 1900322382

Climate change, species extinction, war and alienation. These are just some of the threats that imperil our world. There is no single solution, but one thing is certain. Unless we learn how to rekindle community, all other efforts will wither on the vine. Alastair McIntosh’s Schumacher Briefing explores three integrated pillars of community – with one another, with the natural environment and with the spiritual ground of all being. McIntosh draws not just on his own extensive experience, but also on the work of a dozen associates at the Centre for Human Ecology – mostly his former students. These have carried out research into the spirituality of community regeneration, assisted by WWF International. Each of them provides a summary of their findings, weaving a rich tapestry that illustrates community.With its emphasis on spirituality, the Briefing examines the implications of living as if all life is interconnected. It addresses both the theory of community and its practical regeneration. The contexts range from remote islands to inner city deprivation and even the world of corporations and government. The results fortify our capacity to face the future and point to ever-deeper meanings of love (from Amazon.com) Buy at Woodbrooke

An introduction to Quakerism Pink DandelionAn Introduction to Quakerism Pink Dandelion 0521841119

Pink Dandelion thoroughly and thoughtfully describes the many aspects of Quakerism as they were and are lived. Especially good for serious inquirers, new Friends, and renewal study groups. Bibliography. Buy at Woodbrooke

The Quaker Condition Pink Dandelion and Peter CollinsThe Quaker Condition – The sociology of a liberal tradition Pink Dandelion and Peter Collins 1847185657

This book focuses primarily on what we have termed the Quaker Condition. It looks sociologically at the condition of present-day British Quakerism. This original and innovative collection contributes to several different, though obviously connected, fields within the study of religion. It operates on five levels. In the first place, the volume is the first to represent, substantially, the contribution of social science to the study of Quakerism and therefore provides useful comparative material for those whose focus is on other faith groups. Second , the book focuses largely on British Quakerism and so enriches the pool of resources relating to the sociology of British religion and British culture more generally Third , there are very few sociological volumes dedicated to the analysis of a single faith group. Fourth, the book represents an in-depth study of a liberal faith group, when liberal religion is the focus of much scholarly debate at present particularly with reference to the secularisation thesis. The study of British Quakerism is especially fascinating in this regard, given how the group can be described almost as hyper- or ultra-liberal, prefiguring many of the developments which may overtake currently more conservative groups. Fifth, the volume represents a particularly collective way of working of interest to all those concerned with the methodology of social research, with the design and construction of the volume jointly agreed by all the authors. Regular meetings of the group and a conference based on these chapters has culminated in a book far more interwoven and layered than a typical edited collection. Buy at Woodbrooke


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