Quaker Pagan, Pagan Quaker

Whilst Quakerism is rooted in the christianity, it is also open to new light from whatever source it may come (QF&P 1.02 §7)  and that for me is the revelatory springboard. ‘New light from whatever source it may come’ So, Friend go out and find it! When Alison and I ran our first Goddess and Green Man workshop at Woodbrooke four years ago, the ‘Pagan’ word was locked away in the closet.  For some Friends at that workshop, it was the first time they had uttered it in a circle of Quakers, and it proved to be a personal revelation when they did.  They weren’t eldered or admonished, or invited to attend a meeting for clearness.  They were accepted and loved as a part of the worshipping circle.  The poor old P word still carries a lot of baggage but one of the best interpretations I have read is on the BBC website – Pagann. One who adheres to a belief system outside that of established Orthodoxy. Two Quaker Pagans in Massachusetts run a really insightful blog about their spiritual journeys and their commentary on ‘What do you mean, Quaker Pagan?’ is the best I have ever read.

Kevin Redpath


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