Alison’s recommended books

In the Footsteps of the GoddessChristina Biaggi £14.95 1879198304

Cristina Biaggi has gathered together an extraordinary circle of women (and some men) and allowed us to eavesdrop as they recount their poetic, illuminating and deeply moving stories of meeting the Goddess. One of the best things about this book is the variety of people and experiences. The goddesses encountered come from every corner of the world and from a multitude of religious traditions; the writers include the famous and the less well known. Some accounts, like Sandra Barnhouse’s tale of meeting the Goddess in a field of corn, took my breath away. What a treat to have at your bedside. There are passages here you will want to read aloud to your closest friends.” — Margot Adler Buy at Woodbrooke

A Celtic Devotional Caitlin Matthews £11.59 0717137465

Drawing from the spiritual current of Celtic tradition, which encompassed all aspects of daily life with prayer and invocation, and from Celtic Christianity, Celtic Devotional combines traditional blessings with specially written prayers and meditations. Many new prayers, blessings, and ceremonies appear in this revised edition of a much-loved book. The marking of time by prayer or special periods of devotion is common to all spiritualities. This book follows the seasonal pattern of the Celtic world. It is divided into five sections; the first four correspond to the Celtic seasonal quarters of the year. The last one contains prayers and blessings for special occasions.                                Buy at Woodbrooke

Where the Spirits Ride the Wind – Trance Journeys and Other Ecstatic Experiences  Felicitas Goodman  £12.99 0253205662

“The book is clearly written for the general reader and includes many descriptions of trance experiences. It may serve as a good introduction to the nature and appeal of the shamanic revival in modern Western cultures.” — Theological Book Review

“… a case study in experiential anthropology that offers a unique mix of autobiography, mythology, experiential research, and archaeological data to support a challenging thesis — that certain body postures may help induce specific trance states.” — Shaman’s Drum Buy at Woodbrooke

The Serpent and the Goddess – Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland Mary Condren  £18 (secondhand)

‘One for the theologians amongst you!’ Using Ireland as a case study, this book provides an account of the decline of matriarchal power in Western civilizations and analyzes its implications for today’s women and today’s Catholic Church. From the age of Eve to the age of Brigit to the age of Mary, the author traces the rise of patriarchial consciousness. Mary Condren is a former editor of Student Christian Movement Publications and the author of articles on men written for feminist liberation theory. The author has taught in the Women in Religion Program at Harvard University. Buy from Woodbrooke


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  1. Julia said,

    February 25, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Last weekend I was fortunate to be at Woodbrooke again with Caitlin Mathews! I bought her Celtic devotional book which I am experimenting with using for my own daily spiritual practice. It is a beautifully produced book, with a clear structure and the words are wonderful – so rich. I would recommend it.

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